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Anthony Logan

Noir commissioned by PaxVax to devise 360° video to raise awareness of cholera

Strategic branding agency, Noir, has been commissioned by Silicon Valley-based pharmaceutical company PaxVax – to devise 360° branded video to raise awareness of cholera amongst US healthcare professionals and consumers.

Noir were appointed to the project after a competitive pitch, including a number of agencies in both the US and UK. In response to a sensitive brief, the creative concept was based around crafting a campaign method that could educate people on the disease in a much more visual and absorbing way than is usually expected. As an agency with a strong focus on collaboration, Noir partnered with Immersive VR in order to help to bring their vision to life.

Noir’s CEO, Anthony Logan said, “As a branding agency our role is to enable our clients to deliver their message in the most effective and powerful way. Virtual reality was the perfect way to achieve this as it enabled PaxVax to tell the story in a completely new way, bringing the audience closer to the issue than more traditional methods of delivery. We wanted to bring together creativity and technology and bridge the gap with pharmaceuticals in order to talk to the world about health issues in a new and unprecedented way.”

In order to tell the story of the disease to the scientific community, as well as bringing home the human tragedy involved, the final video will blend a mix of motion CGI and real-life footage. To gather this footage, filming took place in Bangladesh, a country seriously affected by the disease. Speaking primarily with doctors to document their personal experiences, it was important to interview doctors first hand as the final video is aimed at healthcare professionals. The VR experience will predominantly be for face to face interactions with customers and conferences, with healthcare professionals as the primary audience. It will then be rolled out across web and mobile platforms.

Cholera is widely underdiagnosed and underreported while approximately 2.9million cases and 95,000 deaths occur annually. The disease is endemic in around 70 countries and a quarter of the most popular international travel destinations for US travelers are within this group, so it’s vital US doctors are made aware of the risk of cholera. The Yemen outbreak this year has an unprecedented 500,000 cases, which is around 1 in every 40 Yeminisz.

Alex Mellor COO added, “On reading the brief for this campaign it immediately struck us that it was something we wanted to get involved with. We are lucky to work on all sorts of different campaigns, but when we get the chance to use our skills to support something as important to modern day world health issues such as this, the whole team gets really excited.”

The work will play an important role in helping raise awareness of cholera and will be shown to clinicians across the US to communicate the need for a higher volume of cholera vaccinations.