This part of my life was called Getting Started.


This part of my life was called Getting Started.

I moved to Manchester 8 years ago from Lincolnshire. I had no friends, qualifications or money.


This was the scariest, most exciting decision I ever made. I found a room in Fallowfield for £30 a week, which was a shithole, but it was a start. I started designing flyers & posters for nightclubs around the UK, which were pretty crap & had a part time job in a suit shop. I got the opportunity to start my own club night. It was a great experience & I got to work with lots of different of people. I learnt management skills, sales & customer service but above all made friends & contacts.

Without this I wouldn’t have worked with half the people I have over the years. After throwing parties for a few years I teamed up with another promoter to create a lifestyle magazine. We had no idea what we were doing, but it was so much fun. I got to meet & interview lots of people, including our now Princess Meghan Markle. La Vida taught me how to run a business & most importantly how not to run a business. I had teamed up with people who had no interest in working hard. After 2 years of being let down, I took the leap & sold my shares.



I then got the opportunity to work for a new online fashion company. I learnt about branding, the fashion world & worked with incredible people. 

After a few years I decided to go on my own as a freelance designer. It was easy & the reality of working for myself was not what I expected. This is when I truly fell in love with building brands. Taking something from concept, building an identity, a strategy & then watching that brand grow is an incredible feeling.



I’ve worked with some fantastic people who all took a huge chance on me. I wouldn’t be here without them now. But unknown to me at the time, I was spiralling out of control. I was completely consumed by social media & trying to keep up an appearance of this perceived success. Freelancing is fucking hard work & even harder when you are spending more than you are earning just to keep up an image to people you don’t even know. I started at the bottom & was 100% still there. I was searching for short term gratifications, quick money, quick success.